Ready to Reconnect ✨

Posted by Hawkins-Poe on December 22, 2020

Ready to Reconnect ✨

In 2020, I crawled into a small hole that allowed me a safe space to do some crucial inner work. What did that look like? For me, it looked like less social media and more journal writing. Less doing and more being. More learning, unlearning, listening, speaking up, understanding, forgiving, breathing, and the list can go on.

With all of this, my purpose in real estate was brought to question for the umpteenth time. I want to say that I’ve put some puzzle pieces together and my purpose is becoming more clear to see. (I’d like to share more about this in another blog post!)

To put it short, I want to focus more on being my best and authentic self and to me that means reconnecting with the amazing humans in my life and connecting with the amazing humans I have yet to meet. We have so much to learn from and about each other and I think sharing this journey that I’ve been called to, real estate, is what I want to offer. I want to educate those buying or selling homes for the first time on what that could mean for them. I want to talk about life goals with people and share resources and services because I am equipped with the knowledge and skills. Now more than ever, I want to lean into community support and I want to be a part of something bigger.

Now, to be clear, I’ve always valued connection and relationships in one way or another. It’s just now I’m seeing what has stood in my way of going deeper and making solid connections whether with friends or family. It was this fearing pull toward perfectionism and people-pleasing. Being 100% your authentic self is not easy when you’re worried about being judged and not measuring up to the expectations of others (or the expectations you think others have). As I write this, I’m sure I am not alone. So, I guess my hope is that by sharing more of who I am, maybe it’ll prompt others to do the same in a way that allows them to go after what they want as their best and authentic selves too. There’s so much more I could say, but I’ll leave it here and hope that you’ll come back for future readings. This is enough for now.

If you're interested in talking about real estate, life, cats, or anything in between, I'm ready to reconnect! :)