What Should Be Your First Step to Homeownership?

Posted by Nhoell on August 25, 2020

What Should Be Your First Step to Homeownership?

#1 Know Your "Why"
It's easy to get swept up with what's next on this "American life timeline": school, good job, marriage, house, kids, - I want to remind you that we all are on our own journey. How we move along the journey is not right or wrong and we should embrace that it's unique to us! Do what feels right for you! If homeownership is a goal of yours, I would suggest startig with your why before you take any hard action steps toward owning a home. Home-ownership can mean different things to different people and so I think it's important for you to think about what it would mean to you. Feel free to start with these questions:

  • What is most important to me when it comes to "feeling at home?"
  • Why am I thinking about buying a home right now?
  • What would owning a home mean for me?

If you'd like more guidance in answering these questions, feel free to reach out. I'd love to help you think through anything!

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