2020 Reflection ✍🏽

Posted by Nhoell on December 29, 2020

2020 Reflection  ✍🏽

2020 was the year that I planted seeds.

At first thought, it might seem like not much happened in my life in comparison to what happened and is happening still in the larger world(s) outside of my own this year. When I did some reflection on this emotional year, I realized that there were many seeds that were planted. My plan is to continue watering these seeds and nurturing their growth as needed with intention in this new year. Below are some prompts that helped me reflect on 2020 with a snippet of some of my own responses. Feel free to take them and reflect on your own year!

2020 Highlights and Accomplishments to Be Proud Of:

My relationship with my mom 

Becoming closer to family

Andrew and I getting engaged

What Worked in 2020?

Keep listening to the body

Keep learning

Keep breathing more deeply

Keep believing in myself

What Didn't Work in 2020?

Never doubt your impact, but also: it's not always about you.

Aim HIGHER - you are damn good!

What Did I Learn in 2020?

Walks are full of precious moments

Slow down and just be

How Did My Life Evolve in 2020?

I've healed and nurtured some really important relationships and I'm not sure if anything truly beats that for me

Realizing the depths and dimensions of white supremacy had me shook and I am choosing to be more aware of how I might be upholding it by actively unlearning, learning, and sharing

Who Made A Difference in My Life in 2020 and Why?


My mom 

Every thing and person I've learned from via Zoom, IG, YouTube, Books, Documentaries, Podcasts, FaceTime, etc.

What About 2020 Am I Most Grateful For?

My full-time job providing me a steady, stable income that allows me to be creative, work with women of color, and serve youth in a community where I feel like I BELONG

Good health, nourishing food, and a safe place to call home

My relationships with loved ones - also shoutout to my cats

Learning from and through others and their beautiful minds

List All The Moments of Pure JOY I Experienced in 2020:

Cooking some bomb Lao food

FaceTime calls with family

Time spent outdoors and in nature

Lao Language Class

Being a part of spaces where people of color's voices were centered

Mt. Rainier Sunrise Hike


Hood Canal and the Beaver Dam

Walks with Andrew

Brown Roots of Mahal


Vashon Island

Settlers of Catan


I used these prompts from a yearly workbook that I have purchased since 2018. It's helped me narrow my goals and take inspired action over the past couple of years. It's called the Artist of Life workbook. My close family and friends know how much I geek out about it, so I thought I would share it!

May 2021 bring joy and peace.

With gratitude,